Winter Weather

I could walk along the beach all day, even when its cold and alittle rain in the air.

Jacket zipped up tight, the right footwear walking along the waters edge, something about watching the surf, and the changes it makes in the waves.

Great when there’s less people around too, so you can enjoy it even more!.

Where’s your happy place?

#smile #seaside #happyplace #winterweather

Cheers to the ‘Big White Thing’!

We all have one, well, you should, if you don’t, tell me..do you have milk in your coffee! Yes!, then you do have a fridge. A Refrigerator some people call them!.

The biggest thing in your kitchen, that thing that sit’s motionless surrounded by cupboards!.

That white monster of a thing, we all like to open every time we walk pass it. Always checking in it for tasty food scraps that someone may have left in there, food that seems like you found it, a little treat so to speak, just for you to walk away with for free.

It’s no surprise to me, that it seemed to empty it’s self quite often, mostly over the weekend funny enough!, the very time you need it to be well stocked!. Over those two days you find yourself wondering around the house, feeling peckish, not remembering if you just had breakfast or is it close enough to qualify for lunch, and whats inside that fridge is going to give you the answer!.

I’ll get to the point..

It’s that my trusty old fridge is fighting for it’s life right now and I’m not sure if it’s going to make it through this weekend!. It’s been in that some spot, in this kitchen for years, it’s part of the family. A buddy in the middle of the night who will give you comfort, without telling anyone. The only one that watched over our every move, day in, day out, properly knows us better then we know ourselves, knowing our tastes, our wants, our desires.

So, if it’s farewell my friend, go to the light… you know the one! We will miss you.

Drawing for Dummies

Thought that title might get some attention!.

This pic below, is from those groove apps you can get, not sure where, when you play on your phone alittle time and boom, you push something and there you have it, black & white sketch appears before your eyes.

Now…I reckon I could give this a go, draw a few lines on white paper, looks easy enough huh!.

When I find the time to have to myself, I like to draw this favourite picture of my sweet grandson and I.

Road to Somewhere!

Isn’t it fun when you can take a journey out of town, just because you can and somewhat bored in your day.

To feel like you are free, nobody around to tell you what to do, but just drive.

No reason to escape, only to smell freedom, pretend for a little while that everything in your world is alright. We all should feel we can, I realise daily jobs can stand in your way, and life won’t let you sometimes…but,

Make it happen, you don’t need to be gone long, even if it’s just for a few hours away to get your groove back to carry on.

Go on

, you deserve it.

New Number…again!

The only way you can manage another new number, call your close mates, tell them to come over to help celebrate with you and laugh it off.

Play charades, till you nearly wet yourself (cos you’re old!).

Put sparklers on your cake (helps to hide all the candles!).

Stay up late, cos you’re still a year young.. and…up until midnight, you are still that younger number!.


Letting you all know, I had a fabulous birthday!, and I couldn’t have had a better bunch of friends to celebrate it

with. 🥂

I’m on a Roll

Here’s the thing.

When you get into a new hobby, life never seems the same.

You play, and play, to your hearts contend, and all your besties just don’t seem to like it. They feel you’re ignoring them, they just don’t understand your new friend..

Rock Painting!.